Installation with unity game


For this project, we were prompted to choose an act and create an experience with three components.
I chose taking an elevator as my topic, and I wanted to recreate an experience that resembles the awkwardness of using an elevator, especially when with someone else. The installation consists of three parts:

-A controller that requires the players to interlock their hands together;
-An audio component resembling an awkward conversation that happens in an elevator;
-A unity two-player Tetris game.


Google slides process book

Here is a voice-overed presentation for this project.

The mistery of the elevator interface

I have always been fascinated and confused by the setup of the elevator buttons. Why isn’t there a standard as to where to place the alarm button? I have accidentally pressed the alarm button so many times because of the confusing placement of the alarm button; now, I panic every time I go somewhere new and take the elevator. I have to examine the buttons very carefully before pressing any button.

The two-player game controller inspired by elevator buttons

This controller is modified from a keypad. The two players will have unnecessary contact when using it. The players should try not to press the alarm button; if either player accidentally presses the alarm button, the game resets.

Walkthrough documentation

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