Speculative Design


Bioputty is a customized lab-grown stem cell that promotes the healing of wounds and injuries. It collects DNA samples from the customers and cultures a stem cell blend called Bioputty. Customers can use it on minor cuts, burns, and large wounds for a quicker and smoother recovery.

Design process

I cut myself by accident quite often, and as an art student who works with wet material very often, the recovery has always been slow and inconvenient. Therefore, I wanted to invent a product that helps to heal wounds quickly. I was inspired by products such as 23andMe that collect the users' DNA sample, and I came up with the idea of custom-grown stem cells that allows individuals to heal wounds in no time.





FAX is inspired by how a fax machine works: it takes an existing font, copies it while degrading its quality. To achieve this effect, I made a stylus using two pens attached to a stick, which functions like a pantograph and lets me trace the existing typeface imperfectly.

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Design Process

A fax machine degrades the image during the transmission, and I wanted to mimic the degredation process for the new typeface. 

I made a stylus attaching two pens together. When I trace the existing type with the stylus, it translates the letterforms onto another piece of paper. 



Speculative Design


Stkr is a chip that turns any inanimate object into a controller. It is designed with our biological need for touch and tactility. It could be used as an extension to any technology to replace hard glass screens and plastic keyboards with other tactile elements.


I imagined what it would be like to browse the internet with household items, and I put together these videos of me pretending to use a roll of tape and a plush toy as a mouse.

Traveling Fruits

Graphic Design


We consume fruits and vegetables daily. Unlike packaged goods, these produce don’t provide the consumers much information about them. Our only clue about the produce comes from these tiny fruit stickers, but they don't provide much useful information either. Some fruits and vegetables travel thousands of miles to get to our plate, leaving significant carbon footprints behind. We have the right to know more about the food we consume, and knowing more enables us to make better choices when purchasing produce.


Photo essay&typography


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