Quarantine Burger Joint

Graphic Design


I created this “collaborate google doc game” during the lockdown. I was inspired by the flash cooking games I used to play as a kid and wanted to make something whimsical to entertain my friends during the lockdown. I utilized the features of google slides to create the templates and provided the simple instruction of “make a burger.” Then I shared the doc with my friends and classmates. I had no idea where the project was going, but the result is pretty impressive.

The prompt was to misuse a tool, and I edited the master slides of a google slides document and took advantage of the fact that most of my friends know how to use it. I created sections such as "fridge" and "pantry" to store assets for people to copy and paste to their slides. The instruction for the game is to "make a burger," and people could interpret that instruction however they wanted.

This is the embedded google slides. Please feel free to add your own page!

Empty template before it went live︎︎︎

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