I’m Cindy!
I enjoy making silly stuff  ◡̈

Smol HomeMy version of a IOT digital pet 
Blob ComputerA blob computer
A blob console that turns you and your friends into blobs. The enclosure is designed in fusion 360 and 3D printed. The blobing is done with openframeworks and a microsoft Kinect. 

Long BoiAn alt-control game featuring a loooooong boi
A endless runner game featuring a loooooong boi where you stretch to avoid obstacles. Game made in Unity.  

Rock Keyboard

a literal rock keyboard hehe.

A rock keyboard which you can make rock poetry on, featuring a custome typeface.

Bacon vs BroccolieChopping food and feeding the little blobs!
This is an arcade game we developed for the class New Arcade.
I’m in charge of all illustrations and animations, as well as the game concept.

Fri Jul 19 2022

A fun and silly project made in collabration with the legedary Dror and Kat. I was in charge of the animation.

Read more about the process

Initial sketch/story board 
After effect 
Misc P5 skeches Tue Jul 19 2022
P5 sketches I did in ICM! I can code a little bit!

A beach scene where you change the time of the day by adjusting the slider. Made in collaboration with Spencer Harris. 

A sleeping doggo. Click to add a sheep to the sky.

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